Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 Ingredient Healthy (sort of) Cake

A while ago, I noticed a new recipe from one of my favorite recipe blogs Kirby's Cravings. This is usually my go to site for mug cake recipes, but this one intrigued me. It was for a 3 ingredient healthy cake. My mom is sort of a health nut lately so you always have to let her know what is in everything you make so she can calorie count it on My Fitness Pal which is a free calorie counter website. I did if for a while, but then I decided I don't care about calories. Besides Bubba has me run around so much now that he is totally mobile walking, crawling and climbing that I burn a lot of calories a day. Plus I'm on the "I share my food with the baby diet" which means if we have something he really likes he eats all of his portion and then half of mine cause I don't want to get up and cut up some more for him, so I let him have mine. Anyway this healthy cake sounded like something good to make, the original recipe called for chocolate cake mix, but all we had was white cake. I figured it would do just fine, and my husband likes white chocolate better than regular (weirdo), but I couldn't resist adding some mini chocolate chips I found in the pantry so I'm not sure how healthy it ended up.

1 cup lowfat greek yogurt
1 cup water
1 box cake mix 
1 cup of mini chocolate chips- (this would be the not healthy addition to the recipe)

Hmm. Looks like cake batter...

Pour in 13x9 baking dish and bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean.

Not too bad! They came out a little like a mix between blond brownies and cheesecake.

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