Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby led weaning leads to food guilt... for me

We decided to try Baby Led Weaning as a method of introducing solid food to The Bubba.
"Based on a book by Gil Rapley. Baby Led Weaning just means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning."

Since he eats food in its natural form, not pureed, he knows what they look like and recognizes them as food. (Or so I would like to think)

The Dr. has recommended that he only eat 2 meals a day and the rest of the day have milk, because he is only 7 months old. This is one of the few things about food the Dr. and I agree on. She is not to keen on BLW. "What? You gave him a slice of cantaloupe! How can he eat that with no teeth? You should puree it," she said at our last visit.  I don't need to argue, I have pictures I could show her of him eating it down to the rind with no teeth, but no need to gloat. (Besides, I promised my husband I wouldn't tell her we were "crazy hippies" who feed our baby real food.) 

Anyway, I digress. We have dinner and breakfast together and I have lunch at nap time. Sometimes. There are days when Bubba wakes up before I eat because I dared to try to shower and eat lunch during the same nap. On those days whenever I eat something he watches intently, and usually I am eating contraband--something greasy and fried.  Junk Food!
I try to sneak the rest of my food to avoid The Look. The "Why mother, what are you eating? It looks like junk food! Is that why you wont share?" look.

"Don't judge me baby!"

I hide the rest of my contraband food and sneak bites of it while he is playing.

The Bubba with a slice of Canary melon. He ate all of it down to the rind and another slice just like it. Ha! Take that Doc!

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