Friday, February 17, 2012

An interrupted intro...

Hello!  A little about me.   I have had a job since....

Waaaah! (And he's up)

"Hello Bubba..."


Bubba is stuck in the bars of his crib. He recently started crawling backward, but not forward. When he wakes up he immediately flips to his belly and crawls backward into the corner of his crib and keeps going till his legs are stuck through the bars jammed in up to his thighs. Stuck.
I free him and he smiles at me. That's better.
"Would you like some milk?" I put him on the boppy pillow and he squirms, punches me in the boob and tries to roll away. This means "No thank you, I do not want any milk just now, but wait 5 minutes and I will change my mind" in Bubba speak.
Off to play.

1.5 hours time elapses.....

Bubba is back in bed asleep. After only 15 minutes sitting on the floor outside his crib holding hands through the bars. This is the drama king at his most dramatic. He pulls my hand across his forehead to cover one of his eyes and holds it in place covering his other eye. Usually he would take my other hand in his free hand and hold it while he fell asleep, but we have been working on that and today he held his stuffed toy kangaroo's hand instead, leaving my right hand free to draw a picture. *See attached diagram for the "Evolution of Getting The Bubba to Sleep"


I know at 7 months old I should be able to just put him into bed and leave. This is a huge victory for us in the evolution of getting Bubba to go to sleep on his own. Before this there was "slinging". I used to put him in the mei tai sling and walk around till he fell asleep then slowly untie it and slip him into bed, and before that there was bouncing. "Bouncing" would mean cradling him in your arms with a boppy pillow on your lap, while sitting on a yoga ball and lightly bouncing.

Spoiled first child. I know, but crying yourself to sleep seems like a horrible way to get there, I wouldn't want to do it, so I don't make him.

Anyways what I did before doesn't matter, this is what I do now, and it is the best job I have ever had.


  1. Ha! Funny, I was thinking something similar this morning.. My baby only sleeps in the sling or latched on in bed. I don't have nights out or much in the way of free time any more. But I've given up more for less reward in pretty much all my previous jobs :)
    And I just love going to sleep at night holding my bubba's little hand, won't be this way forever so I'm enjoying it while I can!

  2. So true. Looking back at pictures it is amazing how much he has changed in 7 short months. Already he is on the go much more, and in my arms less. We used to spend our days cuddling on the couch after he was first born, I hardly put him down, so the clinginess is mostly my own doing. Don't think there are any teens who need to hold mama's hand to fall asleep at night so I'm sure he will grow out of it. Truth is I don't mind during the day, 3 am is a different story ;)