Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Barefoot Baby

What is more traumatic than your mother putting shoes on your feet for 30 seconds?
Said shoes being left on the playroom floor to taunt you apparently.

Since Bubba is a biped now, we thought it would be good if he had his first pair of shoes for walking outside. Cute aren't they?!

It seems he thinks he is George of the Jungle and wants no part of this article of clothing. 
I put on the shoes while sitting in a chair then carried him to the play room as he grabbed at them trying to get them into his mouth. Once on the floor he kicked his feet. He tried scraping them off with the other foot. Then in defeat he flopped to the ground and started to cry rolling around. I took them off and let him sit with me. 
Then tragedy struck! The offending footwear was still in the room, and within inches of his feet. Why they just might jump up and attach themselves to his feet again. More sobs and flopping.

We moved to another area of the room then he went off to play. Then he walked by the shoes on the floor and had a flash back to the most horrible 30 seconds during his short life when he had shoes on his feet. Flopping tantrum on the floor. 

We decided to have lunch early, leaving the shoes in the playroom. Though he wasn't really that hungry yet and didn't eat much after we returned to the playroom he decided maybe the shoes weren't so bad, as long as they stayed off his feet.

(Bubba playing his favorite game with his shoes, where he puts things in a salad bowl, then dumps them on the floor.)


  1. The salad bowl game looks cute! I had real trouble getting Roman to wear shoes until I showed him you could stomp really loud wearing them. After that, he loved them!

    1. I actually tried the stomping thing today, he loves to bang and make noise! We managed to have the shoes on for a minute before he tried to pry them off and was getting crabby, so it's progress, but I don't think he'll be out playing in them anytime soon ;)