Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wisconsin Life

Well it has been a while. We made it up to Wisconsin to our temporary apartment in the beginning of December. Since then it has been a bit crazy.

One our first week here one of the cats got sick and passed away. After her autopsy we found out she had the beginnings of pancreas and liver cancer, everyone including the vet found it a surprise since she was still quite young and did not show any symptoms til that week. She was a sweetheart and I still miss her, but I am glad she was not sick for very long and did not have to suffer. We had her cremated so that she could still join us at the new house.

The following week Bubba got the stomach flu and was sick all week. His first time ever being sick in his life. He was quite a trooper through it all. But he did look so sad and mopey, we sat together in a reclining chair and watched his favorite show Little Einsteins most days. I ended up with it for only one day, but my husband got it on Christmas Day and few days following, so we postponed my parents and Uncle Tim's visit for a bit so as not to infect them with our "Black Plague". Between the cat and the and the flu I was beginning to think the place was cursed.

But then our house closing actually happened and there is now a  light at the end of the tunnel! It did get postponed one more day because the bank failed to notify HUD of the closing date at least 72 hours before the closing, even though we had a closing date set for the past month. Where is that check list?!

Now my husband and his brother are working to repair a wall in the house and a few other things and then painting and new carpets and we will move in by the end of the month! The nice part is Bubba gets to hang out his Uncle Rick this week. His favorite part is the air mattress in the middle of the living room floor, and jumping on it to wake up his uncle in the mornings. Since the majority of our furniture is still on the storage POD we are roughing it here with a tv stand made from an old kitchen table, with boxes stacked around as a barricade to keep Bubba away from the wires, and a folding table and chairs for the kitchen table. College style!

I have not been able to work on too many cooking projects, since we are roughing it now, and the majority of my kitchen supplies are on the POD. I have made Uncle Tim's Flour Tortillas a number of times, but my rolling pin is a water glass, and our pots and pans are a collection of some borrowed and some new temporary ones. We are down to our last two paring knives from the dollar store since the plastic handles keep snapping off. I can't wait to get all of my kitchen things off of the POD. I miss my mini chopper and my kitchen aide mixer the most.

Once we are settled in the new house we plan to make Longini or rice balls, one of my husband's families traditional appetizers for Thanksgiving and Easter. My husband and I decided to make them on our own one year to bring to my parents and my brother. They were such a hit, my family decided to try making them, and they have become a tradition in my family as well. They are quite labor intensive, and go quicker if you have an assembly line of multiple chefs to make them. We usually make them at Christmas time but this year we decided to postpone it and make them to christen the new kitchen.

Til then, fingers crossed all continues to progress and finally our nomadic journey will end.

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