Friday, April 26, 2013


When I won a prize participating in the Ultimate Blog Party 2013,  I knew that I had to use part of the prize money to get Bubba something.  After all if it weren't for Bubba, I wouldn't have this blog. Since he has been such a climbing monkey lately my first thought was a Little Tykes outdoor climbing thing, but my mom has one in her attic that she used when she have a home daycare, so it seemed silly to have two. I searched around for a bit and then I found it.
A Little Tykes Grill set. Since we will be getting my awesome smoker/gas grill soon and Bubba loves to copy me while I cook, it seemed like a great fit. The other day when we were playing outside, Bubba discovered a large box on the front porch. It came! 
We took it in and I let him help open it. ('cause that is half the fun!)

Once we got it out of the box, I turned on one of Bubba's favorite shows, Little Einsteins, and took the grill to the kitchen to assemble it. "I could finish in one episode", I thought to myself.

Wrong. Try 3 episodes. Have I mentioned I hate Little Tykes?! 
Why the heck don't they put those stupid stickers on at the factory? 
They are so freaking hard to line up properly!

Regardless it was worth it. Bubba loves his grill. The second day that he had it, just after finishing his breakfast, he ran to the grill and cooked my husband a hot dog before he left for work. 
So cute! 


  1. That is awesome! My son would love that!!

    1. It's nice cause it takes up very little space and has tons of storage for his play food, all those other kitchen sets are huge.