Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to Feed a Busy Toddler

First set a trap at the edge of a table with something to drink, 
and some cereal or crunchy snack. Then make a loud distracting noise.

Being a curious toddler, they will feel compelled to check out what the noise is.
When they look over, they will notice the cereal and drink. 
"Hey, I'm thirsty and hungry!" they think to themselves. So they run over.

"Hmm. Chex. I love Chex! I wonder why they are here? Oh well.
 No one will miss these few Chex if I eat them quick." They think to themselves.

And without noticing it, they will have eaten a snack!

And off to play again. 

Repeat the process as necessary.
Bubba ran back and forth between his toy grill and the table at least half a dozen times
the other day, I just had to keep resetting the trap!

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