Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Guard Monkey

We bought a new baby gate for our hall way with a cat door in it, because our cats are spoiled and meow at the taller baby gates, waiting for someone to open a door for them instead of just hopping over like normal cats. It seemed like a perfect solution, til Bubba started trying to crawl through the cat door. He actually fit! Every time he went down the hall he would crawl through the cat door to get to the forbidden area. Until my husband thought of a brilliant idea. He was inspired by an episode of Raising Hope in which the parents kept their son away from dangerous things but putting a clown doll that he was afraid of near the item in question. 

We happen to have a musical dancing monkey doll that Bubba hates. All we had to do was play the song once with the monkey dancing on the opposite side of the gate and he has not crawled through since.

So I began this post a couple weeks ago and with Ivor and all kinds of other things I got busy and forgot about it. And now this is how Bubba reacts to the guard monkey.

 I have a feeling it won't be long now before he's crawling back through the cat door again. 
Oh well it was good while it lasted :)

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