Wednesday, October 16, 2013


One very hot  August morning Bubba and I went for a walk and found a tiny kitten crying on someone's porch. We went up to the door to tell them their kitten had gotten out and the woman who answered the door told us he was not hers and he had been out there all morning and they had no idea where he came from. So we took him home.
I could tell he was really young and on the five minute walk home I hoped that he was old enough for solid food. Luckily when I made him a bowl of kibble mixed with water (to soften it) he gobbled it down. 

After he ate, he kept crying and wanting to be held so I carried him around most of the day and sat on the bathroom floor with him at nap time while he slept in my lap. His nose was pretty scuffed up and he had a big gash on his lip. So we called the vet and made an appointment  We kept him in isolation in our bathroom, giving him a cardboard box and blanket to curl up in, but he had trouble sleeping. Then I remembered a friend of mine having a very young kitten that slept better with a sock filled with dry rice and warmed in the microwave for a minute. We tried it and he fell fast asleep. Since he was so cuddly we decided to name him Ivor after the baby in one of Bubba's shows Henery Hugglemonster.

At his vet appointment the doctor estimated that he was only three and a half weeks old and being so young they could not get an accurate result for a feline leukemia test or an FIV test, so he had to stay in isolation til he was eight weeks old and could get tested. As long as we washed our hands well we could handle him as much as we wanted, he just could not come in direct contact with our other cats. 

We moved him to our guest room and put a double baby gate up to keep him from escaping, or our other cats from getting in. Bubba had been fascinated with Ivor since we got him, visiting him often and playing with him through the baby gate. 

Finally Ivor was eight weeks old and he was able to get tested and came out negative, but he did still have worms so while he can come out of his room, he still cannot share a litter box for another three weeks til his final dewormer treatment is done. 

Ivor loves life on the outside.

And has become Bubba's best buddy.

They scare the other cats a little because they are both so energetic, and sometimes they get a little rough with each other and they have to be separated. 

But every time you do, they always end back together in no time. 
It seems Bubba has finally found his kitty.


  1. boy did this make my day :)


    1. Thanks Heather!
      I knew a fellow cat lady like you would appreciate a kitty rescue story.