Sunday, April 8, 2012

Catching the Easter Bunny

When my brother and I were young, we tried to catch the Easter Bunny.
We had a TV cabinet that held the TV in the top half and my brother's Nintendo system in the bottom.  It seemed like the perfect place for a stake out.  In preparation earlier in the day, we cleared out the games from the lower half and stocked it with provisions: crackers, juice boxes, pillows, and flashlights.

The plan was to meet up in my room after we got tucked in.  Then make our way to the cabinet for our stake out.

In our opinion all was going really well. (I'm not quite sure if my parents had suspected anything.)  We probably were not that stealthy.  The biggest flaw in our plan was closing the cabinet.  One door you could close with out much noise but the only way to close the second door from the inside was to swing it towards you as hard as you could and hope it latched.  It was not a quiet maneuver but somehow we managed to do it without attracting any attention.

The stake out had begun!

We opened our juice boxes and some crackers while we waited.  A short while later we could hear the dogs coming.  (Before my dad went to bed, he let our three dogs out once more for the night.)


I imagine this looks something like the scene my dad encountered when he opened the cabinet doors.  He later told us that he could hear us shushing each other and giggling while a beam of light shown out of the cabinet.

Stealthy we were not.  He sent us back to bed and we gave up on our plan.

The next morning there was a note on the kitchen table where our Easter baskets would usually have been.

This is Bubba's first Easter.  I know it will not happen this year but, I cannot wait 'til we catch him on his own little stake out!              

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