Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homemade Easter Baskets from Brown Paper Bags

If you need several Easter baskets for a party, here's a good way to make them on the cheap.

A couple of years ago the Easter Bunny decided to retire. (My mom said that my brother and I were getting too old).  I decided I could not let this happen, so I took over. Once I had bought all of the candy I was just going to put them into brown paper lunch bags, and cut them down so they would be like little baskets.  However, my husband had a better, more creative idea.  He came up with a way to make actual little baskets from the paper bags and the Easter Bunny has made them this way ever since.  Usually our cats "help" me with this project, but this year Bubba "helped" too. (I started at nap time, but he woke up)

Start with a paper bag (we use lunch sized, but the large grocery size would work for super sized baskets)

Cut along the corners of the bag down to roughly 5 inches from the very bottom of the bag, then cut across to remove the front and back sides.

Turn the bag on its side and cut off 1 inch strips from either edge to make the handle.

Cut along either side of the handle down to the fold in the bag (about an inch).

Fold the strip in halfway down to the edge of the fold line that you cut to.

Fold the edge 1 more time to cover the rough edge.

Twist the handle.

Tie the twisted edges on top.

Ta Da! 

My husband decorated this one for Bubba. 
(The candy is only for show here, not for Bubba.  He's getting some small toys for Easter.)

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