Friday, April 27, 2012

The Kitty who will not be Ignored

One of the cats tried to wake me up early for their breakfast this morning. Bubba was awake a couple of times late last night and he was actually sleeping in this morning. So I rolled over and went back to sleep.

(Before you feel bad for them, and think they are starving, don't. They have a big bowl of dry food that is always out for them to eat anytime they want. Which was full when I got up this morning btw. She just wanted the wet food they get at breakfast and dinner because she is spoiled.)

Anyway I rolled back over and went back to sleep, for 5 minutes.

Dora kicked open the door to Bubba's room and meowed several times (I imagine right next to his crib) till he woke up.

So once Bubba was up, I had to get up.

Since their dry food bowl was totally full I decided I was not going to reward her behavior and I would make her wait a little bit, so she wouldn't get in the habit of trying to wake Bubba when ever she wants us to get up.

I got Bubba's breakfast ready, put the dishes away, cleaned the cat's water bowls. While I was doing all kinds of things in the kitchen that didn't involve wet cat food Dora followed me around with a mildly annoyed look on her face. After I finished everything I got their wet food ready, and fed them.

5 minutes after the cats finished eating and I sat down to my own breakfast next to Bubba who was happily eating his pancakes, Dora walked over to the computer desk and puked on the stapler.

Touche kitty. Touche.

Dora and Sandy

During morning nap time, when I went to take a shower Sandy sat and howled outside of Bubba's bedroom door. 

Et tu Sandy?


  1. Oh my of my cats does the exact same thing....well, except waking up a baby. But he will not shut up until one of us gets up. But I also make him The other cat will wait patiently until we get up.

    1. There is always one! My mom had a cat that was just like Dora too. She used to knock change off of the dresser, one coin at a time, looking at you after each one.