Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bubba Vision

*Bubba vision is temporarily out of order--
The web script was being hosted through a webpage from our old comcast account in Illinois and we haven't moved it over to our new internet provider yet.*

Bubba has an uncanny ability to hone in on a contraband item that is left within his reach. Within moments, like a terminator-esque super robot, he targets the contraband and is on a mission to get it in his hot little hands. We call this ability to search for and identify forbidden items "Bubba Vision", and I imagine it looks something like this:

I had originally planned to draw a picture to illustrate "Bubba Vision", and even started drawing one at naptime, but my husband came up with a much fancier idea. He whipped up this awesome web program for me. Thanks honey :)


  1. unfortunately, it tells me I need to install microsoft silverlight to run :)

  2. okay, that was totally worth the install :)

    1. We were wondering what would happen if someone didn't have Silverlight, and hoping it would prompt you to download like Adobe does.
      Glad it was worth it :)