Friday, May 4, 2012

Food Snob?

For the past couple of weeks Bubba has started to show preferences in what he likes to eat. Initially he would eat anything we fed him, but lately he seems to becoming a bit of a food critic. Don't get me wrong he still eats almost anything and can by no means be called a picky eater. We have just started to have our first refusals of food as of late.

I noticed the last time or two he was no longer as thrilled with chicken cakes as he used to be. He still ate a little bit of them, but mostly they got pushed around on the tray.

Next it was a cheese omelette. He pushed all of it off the tray and just ate his toast and fruit.

Since I happen to like an omelette every so often, I still made them and gave him his "cut" but usually he would take a bite then push the rest around.

Today I discovered what the problem is! Bubba only likes "fancy eggs".

By fancy eggs I mean an omelette with sauteed red bell peppers and mushrooms mixed in. I had decided I felt a little creative this morning and chopped up some veggies for our omelette. (I have made ones like this several times before, but Bubba isn't always so patient waiting for breakfast so sometimes there isn't the time for such luxuries and we just eat a plain omelette).  Any way I gave Bubba a couple of pieces like usual but unexpectedly he gobbled them up! Then I gave him some more and he did the same thing. It seems all of this time he has been waiting for his "fancy omelette".

We have created a foodie!

Now I just have to figure out what he wants added to his chicken cakes to make them "fancy".

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