Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mango Tree- An Indoor Gardening Experiment

For those of you wondering the status of our mango tree that was planted exactly one year ago today here is a little update.

It is now about twenty inches tall and has a bunch of nice bright green leaves. It does need a stake for support, but the bottom of the tree is starting to look like it may be getting rough bark like spots, so hopefully it will stand on it's own soon. I plant to move it outside again this summer once it is warm enough, that seemed to give it a growth spurt when I moved it outside this past summer.

Not exactly what I was hoping for when I originally planted it. It seems that if I want mangoes from it it will probably take til Bubba is in college, but it was a fun experiment that taught me a pretty dependable way to sprout seeds.


  1. Nurturing and caring for a plant is like nurturing for a child, it makes you feel supportive, dependable, and overall simply happy to help life raise. Hope to see you take more snapshots of it when its fully grown!

    -Evergreen Tree & Shrub Inc.

    1. Thank you!
      I always feel bad if one of my gardening experiments doesn't work out so I'm glad this one has made it's first birthday :)