Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bubba's Mango Tree

Bubba loves mango! Look at this face, He is in mango heaven!

So when I accidentally split the mango rusk open while cutting it and saw the actual seed I  was tempted to try to grow it. I know realistically I probably will not grow mango fruit in my house, but hey we can dream.

I waited till nap time then googled it. This guy on youtube has a very long video with instructions. He seems to really know what he is talking about and grows a lot of things indoors. He was describing growing a large pumpkin the size of a kid in his upstairs room and letting the vines climb down stairs along his banister. Anyone willing to go that far must really love plants and further more must be really good at growing weird outdoor plants inside. I'll let you watch his video on how to get the mango out of the rusk. If I do it again for the pictures, I'll be tempted to try and grow that seed too, and the next and so on. At the rate that Bubba eats mango the house will be covered with little pots of dirt.

He said to put it in a 6 inch pot filled with soil. And to keep the pit wrapped in a wet paper towel in plastic wrap till you are ready to plant. Check!

Then put the seed in with the pointy part of it (where the root and stem will come out) in the center of the pot.

Cover with 1 inch of soil, water and cover with plastic wrap and rubber band it down.

The you leave it in a warm place. Like a shelf. But not in the sun. You don't even have to water it. The plastic wrap forms a little green house. After about 2 weeks it should start to sprout.

Now we wait....

10 days later something is starting to sprout...

Day 13:  It  actually looks like a little plant now! Little leaves are opening up.

Day 14:  I swear it has grown an inch overnight! This is reminiscent of Little Shop of Horrors!

Day 16:  It is now 7 inches high! If I stop posting in this blog you know why....
Feed me Seymour!

Day 19: The mango tree is now over 12 inches high and the leaves have opened. I think we'll call this experiment a success!

Day 34. The mango tree is now 16 inches high. It seems to have stopped the rapid growth in height and is focused on the leaves now.


  1. how often do you water the plant

    1. I water it about once a week.
      In the summer I move it outside to an area of the porch that is partial sun, and then I water it about every day since potted plants dry out quickly outside.