Friday, March 16, 2012

I Love Cloudy Mornings aka My Black-out Curtains Don't Black-out S#@* !

Bubba is very sensitive to light. If he sees even a tiny glimmer of sunlight  peaking through the blinds it is all over. There is no getting him back to bed. On a cloudy morning he will sleep in almost one hour later because it is still nice and dark in his room.

So I bought some black-out curtains to replace a set of normal curtains that were ok when it was cloudy, but let in a bit too much light on sunny days. The first night we had them up I was excited anticipating the possible extra hour I would get to sleep in even if it was a sunny day.

I was wrong. This is the view from Bubba's crib looking at his new "Eclipse Black-out" curtains.


Not quite the "eclipse" I was anticipating.

Now part of the "non black out" is my fault, there is a set of wood blinds behind the curtains so the curtains don't press up to the window frame, however if you will note the horizontal rays of light centered on the curtains themselves I believe this is a fail for the blacking out powers of these Eclipse brand black-out curtains. (the wood blinds behind the curtains are closed btw)

Back to wishing for cloudy mornings.

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