Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Hit List

I probably shouldn't publish this, but here is my hit list.

It includes several telemarketers who have woken either me or Bubba up from a nap sometime in the past several months. In the last three days I have been called no less than eight times.  I am on the National Do Not Call List but that does no good. I even re-registered the home phone and my cell (the one all these calls have gone to.)

So if you've had a couple of drinks and feel like prank calling someone feel free....


The first two are from "Home Protection" and the call center is in Washington state.  They have called me repeatedly over the last several weeks, even though I keep telling them to remove me from their call list.  The last time one of their telemarketers called I threatened to drive out there and kill him if he didn't take me off his list. My husband thought it was hilarious disturbing [editor's note: I admit that I did laugh at the time].  Little does he know.  I am taking a psychology class in my "spare" time to finish my associates degree.  According to the sleep studies discussed in my textbook there are serious consequences for people with regularly interrupted REM sleep [editor's note: I'm afraid.  So terribly afraid.].


  1. I think I see your problem. I haven't signed up for the list, and I don't get any calls at the home or cell. You got onto the radar by signing up for the list!

  2. That may be it. I bet the makers of "the list" sold my name. It is a conspiracy. ;)