Friday, March 30, 2012

A Pampers Takedown

I am fairly certain that Bubba would prefer to be a nudist.  Lately getting him dressed has become a wrestling match.  I was feeling rather creative today so I drew some pictures to illustrate our typical nightly duel.  [I guess that Intro to Drawing class they forced me to take for my associate's degree was useful after all. ; ) ]

First Bubba is bribed with distraction toys: rattles, teething rings, books, blocks.  

He does not want any of these and quickly tosses them onto the floor.  I give him his pajama bottoms and he triumphantly waves them in the air. His own clothes are a better distraction than toys at this point. Somehow they have the air of something forbidden--therefore they are coveted.

The pants distract him for about two seconds.  Bubba is freakishly strong and very flexible. He squiggles around 'til he manages to flip over, and then tries to crawl off the changing table.  I have tried using the seat belt on the changing table, but he just tries to choke himself with it.

Next we will zoom in for the victory pin! 

I form a 'V' with my left arm across his belly and then with other hand finish putting on his diaper and finally the PJs.  This maneuver so far has not backfired yet, but you will notice that my face is very close to the "splash zone".  I haven't gotten peed on as of yet, but I have a feeling it is only a matter of time...


  1. haha! This is hilarious! It's like you have a hidden camera in my son's room! I'll need to try the left arm 'v'.

    1. Just remember to use caution in the "splash zone" ;)