Monday, March 12, 2012


Did you know that breast milk has magical healing powers?

Apparently if you have pink eye, just squirt some breast milk in there a couple times a day and poof! Pink eye healed.

Ear infection? Breast milk will work on that too, or so I'm told.

Another magical property of breast milk is Bubba has never been sick (knock, knock).  Supposedly there are antibodies in breast milk that show up based on what germs Bubba and I have been exposed to. (I saw this on Discovery Health way back.)  Like I said magic healing powers! Don't believe me? Google it. You'll find tons more crazy super powers.

Now I am not one of those militant "breast feeding is the only way and I'm going to doing wherever I feel like" type of moms. But I don't think it should be hidden either. I am proud to be able to. Some people can't, even if they want to, so I consider myself lucky. I usually pump milk and bring it with us if we are out. Don't get me wrong, if we ran out or didn't have it with us and Bubba was hungry nothing would stop me from feeding him, I'm just a bit more private about it. I'm shy. (Even though in the past 8 months my boobs have been whipped out more times a day than a stripper.)  Besides, Bubba doesn't like to drink his milk in public anyway. Not cause he is shy mind you, he is just so easily distracted. Lately we have to go to his room with the curtains drawn and sit quietly in the corner, and even then he tries to do head stands.

During these past 8 months I have picked up a couple of breast feeding tips I'll share.

Breast feeding burns tons of calories! Exactly how many is still up for debate. I have seen estimates up to 500 plus calories a day. I do know that I have lost more than 20 lbs since Bubba was born and have not even made it through one complete Sun Salutation.

Nursing Mother's Companion is an awesome book. Full of tons of helpful tips and tricks.

Get a Boppy pillow and bring it to the hospital, I wish I had. A pile of hospital pillows is no way to learn.

Medela is an awesome breast pump company! They had a one year warranty and they stand by it. I have a Medela swing pump, and after 7 months it lost suction out of nowhere. I called Medela to troubleshoot and we determined something was wrong with the motor.

Without a second thought the customer service rep said, "No problem we will send you a new motor next day.  You can just return your old one in the same box when you get the new one, we will even e-mail you a free shipping label!"

I told her I wasn't sure where my receipt was but I could try to get a copy from the credit card company. No need, they trusted me. Now that is customer service!

My husband has some headphones for the Xbox that had a problem in the first month we had them. After several emails we got instructions to return them on our own dime, and it was required that they be sent Fed Ex or UPS--expensive!  Then we heard nothing.  A new pair mysteriously showed up at our house twenty days later.  I guess they were covered under warranty.

This concludes my infinite wisdom.

It still trips me out every time I put a bottle of breast milk into the fridge.  I made milk!  Like a cow.  Weird.

Almost in the same way it amazes me that I grew a tiny human. Yet here he is.

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