Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Pineberry Revolution

A while ago I pinned and article on Pinterest with this fruit called pineberries. They are a fruit in the strawberry family, "saved from extinction by Dutch explorers..." Basically they look like albino strawberries. They are supposed to taste like pineapple.

You would not believe the response. It has been repinned to date over 1900 times. There is currently a battle going on in the comments section over whether or not these fruits are real or a hoax. They are real btw. They are sold on I totally want to buy them, and plant them in my mom's yard. Because we have a condo, and no where to grow them. Burpee also sells yellow raspberries and white tomatoes that I have my eye on as well.

Any-who I am dying to try these pineberries. I mainly want them for Bubba. He makes me want to try new things. I think it is the Baby Led Weaning's influence. Feeding him real food instead of puree has made me change our eating habits for the better, since he eats what we eat. Of course there is the occasional contraband food when he is napping, but now we eat fruit every day with breakfast instead of just eggs and toast or hash browns. And at dinner I make at least two vegetables so he can have variety.

I also buy all kinds of new fruits and veggies that I have never tried or even heard of before just so that he can try something new. The two newest things have been parsnips and canary melon. Parsnips are like super carrots, they have a very strong flavor, but they add an interesting new taste to our dinner. Canary melon was very good, but slightly disappointing. Here is what it looks like:

It is round and the size of a normal melon, and bright yellow, but it tastes exactly like honeydew melon.

What a gyp. (Turns out it is twenty cents less per pound than honeydew so we will continue to get it)  But still, it looked so exotic I was hoping for a new exotic taste.

I have also been inspired to try fruits I have not eaten in years. I hate bananas. I mean really hate them. They are slimy and gooey and they smell funny.

Only I don't hate them.

I bought some mini-bananas at the store recently.  I had to. They were cute and something Bubba had not tried yet. Since I don't feed Bubba anything that I wouldn't eat, I had to taste them.

They were good!

"Hey taste this." I said to my husband. "Is this what all bananas taste like?"

"Yes," he replied.

"But I like them. And I haven't eaten bananas since I worked at Julie Ann's Frozen Custard in high school where I made five thousand banana splits a day. And now I hate them." I stated.

"I don't know what to tell you," he said. "That's what they taste like."

I guess I have been missing out all of these years.  Maybe I should try split pea soup again, perhaps it is not so gross either.


  1. Hmmm... Placing a Burpee order right now, might look for these! ; )

    1. So it's been almost a year now... sorry. Was newer at the blogger thing back then, and didn't reply often.

      I just ordered 3 pineberry plants from burpee- can't wait til May when they show up!