Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharing ear plugs, or romantic gestures after a baby

On a trip to visit my husband's family in North Dakota last winter we stayed at my brother in law's house. I was only a couple of months pregnant with Bubba at the time. My husband  and his brother like to play Halo. For those of you who don't know this is a video game with lots of gun fire. And if you have surround sound with very large speakers (like my brother in law) it has lots of LOUD gun fire. It was on this trip that I found some ear plugs in a junk drawer in his kitchen.


They could shoot and I could sleep through it.

Fast forward to after Bubba was born.

These ear plugs were a life saver for my husband in the early days. Not so much for me, Bubba needed to eat whenever he woke up, so mainly he needed me. Once he was a bit older and I got a pump and could leave some milk in the fridge, then we could do "baby shifts" and who ever was not on shift could wear the coveted ear plugs.

Now that is romantic. Uninterrupted sleep. 

Today is my husband and my anniversary. We went out for a romantic lunch while a friend babysat Bubba. Tonight we will have dinner with Bubba and hope it is a good night for sleep, and no one needs ear plugs at all.
Having a baby really does change everything.

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  1. Haha. I laughed at “’we could do baby shifts’ and who ever was not on shift could wear the coveted ear plugs". That was actually a very bright idea. The one who will not babysit can have a good night and uninterrupted sleep by stuffing ear plugs onto his/her ears, leaving the other one being enveloped with the baby's loud noise.